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  • Examples Overview

    .main-area { margin: 0px auto; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 5px; ...

    Nov 06, 2013 02:42PM EST
  • Submit Your Use Case

    We would love to hear about your use cases in how you've leveraged Prelert's Anomaly Detective to solve your t...

    Nov 05, 2013 03:41PM EST
  • Splunk Indexing Rate

    Use Case: Detect deviations in Splunk indexing volume rates Purpose: To show disruptions in the...

    Oct 08, 2013 02:43PM EDT
  • Unexpected Jumps in splunkd Errors

    Use Case: Detect jumps in splunkd error rates, broken out by error type Purpose: To show sudden...

    Feb 12, 2014 09:43AM EST
  • Performance Metric Deviations

    Use Case: Detect deviations in the value(s) of performance metric(s) such as operating system resources ...

    Oct 21, 2013 01:30PM EDT
  • Unusual Data Volume in/out by Client (Blue Coat proxy)

    Use Case: Detect unusual data volume (in or out) by client. Purpose: Certainly, clients d...

    Oct 25, 2013 04:10PM EDT
  • Brute Force Authentication Attempts

    Use Case: Detect specific users that are attempting to authenticate an amount of times that is drastical...

    Oct 17, 2013 04:03PM EDT
  • Detecting Event Storms by Event Type

    Use Case: Automatic detection of sudden error increases by type – like a newly occurring problem or event...

    Oct 21, 2013 12:54PM EDT
  • Rare Outbound Connections

    Use Case: This customer use case highlights Anomaly Detective’s ability to automatically find abnormal pr...

    Oct 21, 2013 01:04PM EDT
  • Website Snoopers/Scanners

    Use Case: Detect specific users that are attempting to request rare/unusual URLs from a webserver that a...

    Oct 24, 2013 04:32PM EDT

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